Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
Bookings for activities and services can be made through the site, by e-mail, by phone, through authorised agents or at Salt&Sea's points of sale.
Bookings for activities and services must be made as far in advance as possible and no less than 24 hours beforehand.
All bookings are dependent upon places being available, the calendar of activities and the weather.
Bookings may only be made by persons aged 18 and over.
Salt&Sea reserves the right to cancel activities or services affected by reason beyond its control. Such reasons would include: natural disasters, unsuitable weather conditions, system failures or other reasons that are not dependent on the company, whenever the safety and integrity of the participants, equipment and goods/belongings would be at risk. In such cases, customers will receive a full refund but will not be entitled to any compensation.
Once started with the agreement of the participants, and as long as there is no risk to safety, an activity may not be interrupted due to wind, temperature, rain, waves or other factors beyond the company's control. If a customer chooses voluntarily to interrupt the activity, no refunds will be made and no compensation will be due, and the activity will continue as normal.
Customers may cancel their booking for activities or services by e-mail or telephone up to 24 hours before the activity or service is due to start.
In the case of group bookings, any cancellations or amendments to the booking must be made using the form provided on the website specifically for the purpose, or by telephone or e-mail, no later than 48 hours prior to the start of the activity.
Activities or services cancelled will be charged for in full if cancelled later than the stipulated deadline.
In the case of equipment hire, cancellations must be made no later than 24 hours prior to the start of the hire, failing which no refunds will be made and no compensation will be due. In cases where customers voluntarily interrupt the hire, the charge will be for the amount of time that the equipment is actually used or the minimum hire time applicable.
Equipment hire is subject to specific terms and conditions.

Time and place of departure
The time and place of departure are shown in the voucher or other document confirming the booking.
Participants arriving late may no longer be able to join the activity, so you are asked to be at the departure promptly at the time stipulated. The maximum amount of time we can wait thereafter is 15 minutes.
The actual start time is subject to change for reasons related to the weather, system failures or other reasons beyond Salt&Sea's control.
Whenever there are stops or free time during an activity, participants must be back at the indicated meeting point five minutes before the departure times.
Salt&Sea may bar participants from further participation if they do not respect the indicated times. In such cases no refunds will be made and no compensation will be due.
Itineraries and information contained in the site
Details of the itineraries and intermediate times at various points during an activity or service are intended merely as guidelines and may be changed due to the weather or the physical condition of the participants, if the company deems advisable.
Departure and arrival times, duration and the itineraries for the activities and services are subject to change without notice for safety reasons or as dictated by weather, wind, tides and/or any other reasons beyond Salt&Sea's control.
Use of vessels or equipment
Salt&Sea reserves the right to substitute the vessels or equipment used for the activities, e.g. in cases of mechanical failure or adverse weather conditions. In such situations, a different vessel and/or equipment will be used at the previously agreed rate.
Salt&Sea Lda's activities encompass ecotourism, culture, the environment and the promotion of natural heritage. It is expected that participants in our activities will be respectful towards nature. When visiting protected areas, Salt&Sea recommends that participants abide by the code of conduct for protected areas, drawn up by the ICNB. We reserve the right to interrupt or cancel an activity if we find that participants' behaviour is clashing with this philosophy and code of conduct.
Salt&Sea Lda has a complaints book and reports to the authority known as ASAE.
Photos, videos and mailing list
Salt&Sea reserves the right to include e-mail contacts in its mailing list for the purpose of sending news related to the company. During our activities, we may take videos and photos for use in promoting the company. If you wish this information not to be made available, please inform our team verbally beforehand.
Insurance and Licences
Salt&Sea is registered under Turismo de Portugal RNAAT no. 623/2018.
Its activities are recognised in the National Register of Tourism Recreation Agents.
Salt&Sea holds all the currently-required insurance cover.
Matters not covered
Matters not covered in these terms and conditions will be discussed with the company and subject to the applicable Portuguese legislation.