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  • Schedule / Day: 10.00-12.00 25 from July from 2019
    Boarding Location: Olhão
    Availability: 8 pax
    Price: 25 € / pax
  • Schedule / Day: 12.00-16.30 25 from July from 2019
    Boarding Location: Olhão
    Availability: 2 pax
    Price: 35 € / pax
  • Schedule / Day: 10.00-12.00 26 from July from 2019
    Boarding Location: Olhão
    Availability: 10 pax
    Price: 25 € / pax
Vessel: FAETON MORAGA 1180 speedboat; Capacity (maximum number of people permitted) – 10  Engines: 2 x 370 HP  A trip that will thrill all five senses, dolphin-watching, aquatic birdwatching. 4H.30 Program 12h00>16h00 2H.00 Program 10h00>12h00


The islands of the Ria Formosa, located in the Ria Formosa Nature Park, are heavenly places. Deserted beaches, blue sea and an escape from reality. Most of them still retain their natural beauty. Just a short boat ride gives us the chance to enjoy the natural treasures of these island gems.
Farol, Culatra, Ponta da Culatra.

Ilha do Farol                                                                                                                                                 The story of a great little seafaring community, surrounded by the sea and making a living from it. Praia do Farol (Lighthouse Beach) is located at the westernmost tip of Culatra Island. Ilha do Farol (Lighthouse Island), so-called because of the lighthouse standing watch over the southernmost point of mainland Portugal – Cabo de Santa Maria (St. Mary's Cape). Very important for shipping.

This is a place dotted with little holiday homes that add to its charm and remind us of the riches of the sea and the ria. The restaurants on the island serve delicious delicacies made with the bounty of the sea and the ria – fish and seafood.
The magnificent scenery is in complete harmony with the natural vegetation that can be seen all over the island.

Ilha da Culatra
This is one of the series of barrier islands delimiting the Ria Formosa: Culatra, mostly inhabited by fishermen and their families.
People have been living on the island since 1880 and it is currently home to between 750 and 1,000 residents. Mostly fishermen and their families.
Unlike the other villages, which only come to life during the summer, here things are busy all year round. As in every lively Portuguese village, you will also find bars and restaurants. Take the opportunity to visit one of the region's most important fishing communities and savour a delicious meal in one of the local restaurants.

Ponta da Culatra                                                                                                                                        Between the Atlantic Ocean and the Ria Formosa. The island has remained unspoiled for many years. Its shape reminds you of an arrow, pointing southwards. It has a very characteristic smell, a vibrant orchestra of aromas. Depending on the season, and due to unpolluted air and when the atmosphere is humid, Deserta has something secret for the occasion. Summer calms the Atlantic Ocean, where you can enjoy calm water with plenty of sunshine in a beautiful setting.

Winter brings a blend of silence and the sounds of nature; the waves begin to hammer the coast, the wind is stronger, and the wildlife takes shelter on the island. As happens, too, with the arrival of spring, the flower of the flowers and the highly productive marine ecosystem, brings a flower of colours and aromas.




  • Duration: 2.00H 4.30H
  • Boarding: Olhão
  • Maximum Capacity: 10 pax
  • Boat: Vessel: FAETON MORAGA 1180 speedboat;
  • Departures: 10:00


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